Data collection for farmers & growers

Use this spreadsheet to collate all the data you need for the Carbon Calculator. It also provides references for every emissions and sequestration factor used in the Calculator.

Details: Gathering data for the Farm Carbon Calculator is often the most time consuming part of doing your carbon footprint. This spreadsheet lists every item you can fill in, gives you the units required (e.g. tonnes or hectares), and helpful hints on where to access information.

All data you require for the Calculator relates only to your business, over the previous 12 months (except for capital items, which is anything under 10 years). If it doesn’t apply to you, move on to the next item/section/page.


Also versions for organic farmers & growers, and farms without livestock.

Download the spreadsheet – general (Excel, 320Kb) Download the spreadsheet – organic (Excel, 307Kb) Download the spreadsheet – no livestock (Excel, 307Kb)

How to Guide for Farm Carbon Calculator

This guide gives you a step-by-step process of completing the Farm Carbon Calculator. We also have a video to guide you through the process visually.

Download the How to Guide (PDF, 357kb) Watch our video to guide you through the process visually

Practical Guide to Soil Carbon

An excellent resource in how to measure and analyse Soil Organic Matter and Soil Carbon, plus a range of other proxy soil health measurements.
Really useful for preparing data for Soil Organic Matter for the Calculator.

Download Monitoring Soil Carbon (PDF, 442Kb)

What’s new for May 2022 update

This spreadsheet provides an overview of what’s new for the latest update of the Farm Carbon Calculator (May 2022)

Download “What’s new for May 2022 update” (Excel, 42Kb)

Methodology of the Calculator

An overview of how the calculations behind the Calculator are made and references upon which they are based:

Download our Calculator Methodology (PDF, 2MB)

Terms and Conditions

Download the Calculator and Website Terms and Conditions (PDF, 107kb)