The Farm Carbon Calculator is one of just a handful of respected tools available to UK farmers and growers to calculate their carbon footprint. We're known for being user friendly, comprehensive array of emissions and sequestration, and farmer focused.

Starting way back in 2009, we have learned a lot about the importance and method of calculating carbon footprints. The science continually evolves, carbon has shot up everyone's agenda, and farmers and the food chain know they need to calculate and manage their carbon - fast. Good job then that our Calculator is well placed to offer exactly that!

As an integral part of Farm Carbon Toolkit, we provide a free Calculator for anyone to use. It's our mission to offer all farmers and growers free and impartial advice to help them reduce their GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration.

Staff running the Calculator are Jonathan Smith (Strategic Director) and Oliver Kynaston (Calculator Manager), with assistance from the FCT team and some independent researchers.