The Farm Carbon Calculator is underpinned by peer-reviewed scientific evidence and we want to be transparent about what this evidence is. From this the emissions and sequestration factors are drawn and this is what makes the Calculator function.

We review all references and factors every time the Calculator is reviewed, which is on an annual basis. If you have specific questions regarding references you can contact Jonathan Smith at [email protected]

The references and research for our Farm Carbon Calculator can be downloaded here.




Our Calculator has been reviewed by Dr Russell Layberry of the Pilio Group, who has made this independent assessment:

"The Farm Carbon Calculator run by Farm Carbon Toolkit is an excellent, scientifically rigorous and user friendly method of calculating carbon emissions from farms, farm supply chains and emissions from soils and livestock.  The calculations show where and to what extent emissions arise and allows for carbon mitigation strategies to be developed."

Review complete in February 2020.

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